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Ministry of industry and Commerce will promote textile and clothing creative Demonstration Park

On December 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Textile and Garment Creative Design Pilot Demonstration Park (Platform) Management Measures (Trial)", which aims to promote the textile industry supply-side structural reform, strengthen the textile and garment industry creative design capacity building and independent brand building. This is another implementation action of the "three products" strategy carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in order to implement the "Several Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Building a Good Market Environment for the Special Action of Developing the"Three Products"in the Consumer Goods Industry.

The "Management Measures" pointed out that through pilot demonstration and typical guidance, a number of textile and garment creative design Park platforms with strong resource concentration ability and high professional service level should be built to help the industry increase variety, improve quality, create brand, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry. The Park (platform) refers to the carrier and platform registered in China to gather innovative service resources, engage in textile and garment R&D and product development, and provide creative design support for textile and garment enterprises. Including creative design Park of central city; new industrial demonstration base, Development Zone and other industrial agglomeration park; relying on the creative design center of universities and scientific research institutes; industry backbone enterprises set up creative design platform. There are two types of textile and garment creative design pilot park (platform) (hereinafter referred to as the pilot park) and textile and garment creative design demonstration park (platform) (hereinafter referred to as the demonstration park). The pilot demonstration management work follows the principles of combining market leading with government promotion, designing service with industrial development, typical leading with continuous promotion.

Reporting conditions emphasize industry leading and innovation ability

The declaration of the pilot park mainly includes three aspects: first, a better development environment. The pilot park should have a clear idea of construction and development objectives, the local textile and clothing industry layout is more reasonable, industrial characteristics are more prominent; the local government has formulated policies and measures to promote innovation-driven development, and the pilot park construction into the key work to be deployed and supporting. Two, creative design resource gathering. Creative design, product development and innovation service organizations in the pilot park are relatively concentrated, and there are no less than 20 textile and garment creative design institutions or no less than 100 designers in the park. Three, provide related supporting services. The construction of the pilot park has corresponding service functions, such as planning consultation, exhibition display, personnel training, docking and exchange, brand incubation, creative achievements transformation, etc.

The above indicators of the demonstration park demand higher requirements: the development environment is superior. Demonstration park construction development goals are clear, there is a more scientific and sound development strategy or planning in line with the actual industrial development; the location has a strong creative design resources and cultural industry development foundation, with cross-regional radiation, influence, driving capacity of regional advantages or industrial advantages; the local government has formulated to promote innovation. New policies and measures to drive development, and the demonstration park construction into the key work to be deployed and supporting. Creative design resources are enriched. The demonstration park is relatively rich in creative design, product development, innovation services, creative design institutions in the park not less than 50, the gathering of not less than 500 designers. Creative design ability is strong. The demonstration park has a number of high-level, influential and well-known creative design institutions such as national or provincial industrial design centers, well-known designers and advanced service enterprises. Actively participate in international exchanges and cooperation, in the absorption and integration of global design resources, service to the development of the global textile and garment industry has a certain degree of international competitiveness.

In addition, the demonstration park also requires two points: effective service industry development and related supporting services. More than 75% of the demonstration parks are required to be stationed, and 55% of them are engaged in creative design of textiles and garments. Demonstration parks or creative design institutes, designers and textile and garment enterprises to form a stable production supporting or cooperative relationship. The supporting services should have the corresponding supporting service functions, including planning consultation, exhibition, personnel training, business exchanges, brand incubation, creative results transformation, financial services, modern logistics, e-commerce and life supporting services.

Three year dynamic management

The Measures stipulate that the management and operation organization of the textile and garment creative design Park (platform) with independent legal personality is the implementing unit and the declaring subject of the construction of the pilot demonstration park. Those who meet the requirements can declare to the competent departments of the provincial Ministry of industry and information technology. The pilot demonstration parks (platforms) are under dynamic management, and annual work summary materials are submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Department of Consumer Goods Industry). If the examination fails for two consecutive years, the title of the pilot or demonstration park shall be revoked, and the application shall not be accepted within two years. The pilot period of the park (platform) is three years.

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